Take control of your Health & Wellbeing – Do you find it too hard to do it on your own ? See how MyHealthCompanion can assist you achieve your holistic health & wellbeing goals
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MyHealthCompanion Interactive Programs

Our FREE self help Programs consist of bite-sized digital content that can be completed in under 10-minutes per day which is convenient and achievable for even the busiest individuals. Why wait download "MyHealthCompanion " FREE APP to access the programs.

Reduce My Stress

Reduce My Stress

Welcome to Reduce Your Stress. Before you begin, please read this introductory information to make sure that this module is right for you.

Get Active

Get Active

Welcome to the Getting Active Module. This is a 12 week program designed to help you increase your physical activity, in order to benefit your health and fitness.

Manage My Weight

Manage My Weight

This is a 12 week program designed to help you with healthy eating habits, in order to better manage your weight and overall wellbeing.

How MyHealthCompanion (MHC) Virtual Coach Can Help You

  • Create a personalized health plan that incorporates daily reminders and encouragement messages
  • Receive interactive coaching via video and chat features to review and follow up on your progress with your health goals
  • Get access to extensive range of video tutorials and resources to achieve your holistic health goals
Find A Coach

Browse our extensive range of coaches with various areas of interests. Our Coaches are professionals and some of them are volunteers as well.

Create Health Plan

Create a simple health plan with your health goals in collaboration with your health coach. Plan your activities that help reach your goals and get the health program started to get better health outcomes.

Get A Sponsor

You can find a sponsor to get funded to pay the expenses incurred for doing a health program assisted by a health coach. It’s a great way to be motivated to achieve your health goals to get support of sponsors.

How does it work

What's involved in a Health Program

1. Plan your health goals
  • Download MyHealthCompanion FREE APP to be able to create a simple personal health care plan with your health goals you want to achieve 
  • Plan your activities and health measures to be taken to achieve your goals
  • Receive daily reminders and encouragement messages to stay on track with your program
2. Choose a Health Program
  • Complete a short questionnaire to give us insight into your health status and your goals
  • We will suggest some of our health & wellness programs that are relevant based on your questionnaire results
  • Choose one of our health program to get Started

Download FREE App MyHealthCompanion (MHC)

3. Access Digital Content
  • Access tutorials and other resources through out the course of your program which usually is about 4-6 weeks
  • Access various wellness assessments relevant to your program to assess your health status
  • Secure Communications with your health care provider via MCH platform

Frustrated trying all Fad diets ? Unable to do it on your own ?

Try Virtual Health & Wellbeing Coach

Do you have knowledge in nutrition, valuable coaching or business skills ? If you answered yes you can Get in touch to become one of MyHealthCompanion providers

Why Become a MCH Provider

Benefits of becoming a MCH Provider

Broaden Market Reach

Use MyHealthCompanion to reach out to the thousands of people who are looking everyday for online services 24×7

Reduce Overheads

We provide the marketing, technology and the billing enabling you to focus on your clients and reduce your overall administration staff overheads.

Increase Client Engagement

Utilize MyHealthCompanion interactive programs to increase client engagement and also create your own customized programs using easy built in templates.

Improve Compliance

Our free app encourages clients to become participants in their health and wellbeing by sending automated reminders and alerts about their regular health actions they need to take.

Greater Flexibility

Offer video consults to your clients to reduce travel and provide a more flexible service to your clients from where ever they are. We also provide secure encrypted chat on our platform.


MyHealthCompanion is an Australian local business, we offer  a highly secure platform that meets MyHealth record security and HL7 privacy standards

How to Get Started as a MCH Provider

Register as a MHC provider 

This is a FREE account that will enable you to assess the core features of MHC and determine if it is suitable for your practice.

Inviting Clients

Upon registering as an MHC provider, invitations can be sent to clients explaining the service. Upon receiving an invitation, clients are asked to download the MHC app from Google Play and install it on their devices.

Getting Started

Upon the care provider being notified that the Client has installed the app, they can create a simple care plan in collaboration with the client, with built in reminders and then monitor the client’s progress between visits.

This can be completed either face to face or remotely.